A weekend to remember <3

I could fall asleep right here right now on my desk, but then this text would be a text that says "gmdosöjgfi,oidhjadjkgioaörgk89a08hnjdkalöjkfld.ghapåå


ö2" or something.
That we don't want, so I write a propper text with bad spelling and grammar instead. I got home from UNF about one and an half hour ago, and now I'm going to write about it.

I was at hannahs awesome birthdayparty on friday, then I got home yesterday. At home, I was a sleep for about half an hour, then I ate dinner and got down to my friends at UNF.
We planned a bit, and then we talked, ate cake and danced to music. (Or dance is a bad choise of word. Goofed around is better.) I will not tell EVERYTHING we did, because that is... A LOT, and I'm too lazy (or tired) to write down everything, but we had a lot of fun, and.. not so much sleep.
Around half past one AM, someone got the idea of filling a condom with water, and then open the window and drop it to the ground to see if it broke or not.
We suspect it did, we couldn't find it when we got outside to cleen up after us.

Around half past two AM we got hungry, so six of us went to a hamburgerbar to buy milkshake. ( the other ones was a sleep, I think)
When we got in there, it was absolutly FULL of people. We sang I'm a barbie girl, the Pokémon songs and a couple pf other songs too. We got a fan, who wanted us to sing more, which I think is quite funny, because it sounded.. welll, loud and awful.
We where there for a while, then they closed, so we went back. Still loud, and we got a sugar rush, so we jumped around.

I think, that if the police had seen us, they would have tested if we where drunk or not.
No one of us had drinked anything with alcohol, so I think they would have been surpriced.
When we got back we took the mattresses, put them on the floor and started to talk and laugh. I fell asleep around five, but Liselott and Hanna stayed up all night. I would have done that, if I hadn't been at Hannah's party the day before. (yes, they are two different Hanna(h) )

I wake up when I hear someone saying "is there any bread?", but I think that might have been in my imagination. Then it was half past nine. I stayed in my sleeping-bag for a while, then I went to find my glasses, that I put... somewhere...

Gustav and Linnéa standed next to each other, and asked if they looked like they where brothers and sisters.  They aren't, but Linnéa broke the chokolate-sause-tube, and we discoovered Nicoles new mustach.

So, breackfast today;
Two sandwiches with butter, chease and ham, a cup of tea, two cheese-balls, some icecream and chocolate sause.
later today I'm going to make dinner. Pasta with quorn-sause. Till then I'm going to relax, because now I am very tired.
Time for me to play the piano a couple of minutes. If I'm to tired to do that, then it's worse than I thougt, and then I will take a half an hour powernap
I just lost the game.
Good evening.

At Hannah's house

Now I'm at Hannah's house. Of the 19 people who was here before, about 14 of us is still here, to stay over for a slumber party. We ate tacos and a really good death-by-chocolate-cake, played a funny but weird game and we have been talking, jumping around, listened to some music and now we are just chilling. I borrowed Julia's laptop to blog. (André smacked his hand to his forhead.)

We talk about to wach a film or build a "tre house of cussions", but it don't seem like it is going to happen, we'll se later.

Now I'm going back to my friends.
Don't eat yourself.


So there I was, all innocent, walking around with my phone in my hand when it suddenly makes a noise. I wasn't prepared for that, because I almost never have sound on my phone, and the text-message-signal I have is my mom when she imitated a pig. (Very funny noise, but it's LOUD!!)
I accidentally dropped my phone.. FORWARDS. It flied about 3 meters, and then landed on the ground.
Now it's broken.
I say so, I've got the skillz!

Singing! : D

Today we had choir. We where only five peoople, and one of us didn't sing, but we rehearsed two songs, and now those lyrics sit without a paper infront of me.
Tomorrow I'm going to school in the morning, as usual, but I don't go home after. I am going to Hannah, and I am going to sleep over there. Then, on saturday, I'm going to be with some friends. Then I'm going to sleep over there as well.

On sunday morning I'm finaly going home again.  
I better go and find a backpack... My bag (bum) don't have enough room to get my schoolthings, everything I always take with me whenever I'm going somewhere, my computor and "night-things".
Hum... If I was a backpack... Where would I be...? I'll go check the freezer.

I believe I can fly!! : D

Some invisible hand dragged me up in the sky. On my way up, I dropped my hat, and I watched it fall down to the ground.
My green hat I got from my mom many years ago.
I was afraid I never would se it again, but then I figured that I was high up in the sky.
If this invisible hand would drop me, I would fall down and probably die.
What was I supposed to do? I already know the perfect way for me to die, and that way is NOT to fall down from a long distance. If I really NEED to die, I want to get smashed by a grand piano that falls down in the middle of no where, and makes this funny “SCRATTACLAAAANG”-noise when it hits me, and the ground.
Still flying around up in the sky, I see a lot of birds that seems surprised that I’m there. Probably they never had seen a flying girl without a hat before.                     
Suddenly the hand put me down on a cloud, and a big fish landed there.
It stared at me, as if I was a zebra with spots like a leopard, beard as a lion and a breath as bad as a camels.
I heard a deep voice asking “why didn’t you wash your feet yesterday?”
Now, why didn’t I? If I had, maybe I wouldn’t be in this mess?
As I kept on thinking, I realized that it was winter, cold outside, and I was wearing summer clothes, and no hat. Not even I would do something like that!
I heard a beeping noise, far out in the distance, and my arms automatically started to wave around.
The beeping stopped, and the cloud started to get thinner.
After a while, I was falling, and while I was falling, I heard this beeping noise again.
With a lot of fear, I saw the ground getting closer to me, and just when I thought I would hit the ground and die, I smashed my head in the sealing.

Right now, I’m sitting here, in my bed with my hand on my head and wonder if that was a dream, or if it was a strong memory of something I don’t remember.
This is… weird…


Yesterday was awesome. André and I randomly went to Vännäs and met some new friends.
Now why did we do this?
Well... It was Gustav who wanted us to come over there, so then we did.
When we were there, we went to a supermarket to buy some chocolate, and guess what, I found FRUIT SHOOT!!!
Fruit Shoot, a juice Agnes and I found in England in 2005!
After we tasted it, when I was 12, I drank it every time I went to England after that.
Well, at least till they changed the recipe so they had aspartame instead of sugar. Then I stopped drinking that and started to drink Innocent instead, a fruit smoothie that is delicious.
I have never ever seen Fruit Shoot in Sweden before, so ofcourse I got hyperactive, jumped around and I HAD to buy one.
When I got outside I got even more happy, because I saw on the bottle that they had SUGAR, NOT ASPARTAME in the juice!

On our way back from the store, Liselott and I ran and slid on the ice. Mostly becauase it was fun, but even because Gustav wanted to "steal" my Fruit Shoot.


This is my friend Sara. She is awesome!

"Trallala lilla molntuss!!"


Today we where practicing for the play we are going to do.
When the clock was about half past seven we got interrupt by some noise outside.
Sound of what we thought was an ambulance, maybe a police car, but we couldn't imagine that the house that was about 50 meters away from us, was on fire.

On my way home, I felt a smell of smoke. I thought it was just in my mind, but then I saw four firetrucks, a police car, some reporters and people who told everyone to take a bit of a distance from the garage. They looked slightly annoyed, which I can understand. The fire have gone on for a long time, time was shortly after nine.

Now I'm going to watch the news on TV. Let's see what happened.

This made my day! :D

Joakim and I have a special way to say hello to each other.
If he see me before I see him, he make a big exaggerated move to point at me, till I notice he is pointing at me, and then I point back.
Of course, if I see him first, I point, till he notice me.
It can be anywhere. In the refectory, in the middle of the market or through a window.
Last year, we both got about the same amount of times we "won", but this year has, so far, been different.
I have seen him before he seen me, a lot of times. So, if it were a deadly serious competition, I would have been ahead a lot.
Till today.

I was climbing up the stairs to get to my locker. I fumbled with my keys to find the one I needed this time. I go around a corner and find my locker. As I put my key in my lock, I hear a thump.
I look up, and I see Joakim point at me.
Now, if this had been a competition, I would probably loose. All the style points he got made him go far ahead in the distance, so I barely can see him more.
Lucky for me, this is just a way to say hello.


Onece upon a time, my dad told me that some one who was seven years old just moved in to the house next door. I was nine years old then, and of course I went over to talk to her.
"Hello, are you Agnes?"
She was, and I am still today happy about that I was brave enough to talk to someone I never met before.
the second time we met, she slept over at my house. The third time I met her, she was my best friend.

Of course friends don't always think the same, and often we argued about anything ridiculous, like if the tree looked like a broccoli, or if a broccoli looked like a tree. Or if she or I won in some videogame and the other one thought it was because cheating.

Most often we where at my place, and when we argued, she angry walked home.
I swore I would never ever talk to her again, but that was a promise I am happy I didn't keep.

We had a special way to solve problems.

Now I have known her for 8 and a half precious years, and the number of times laughing with her is too many too count.
She is the only one who ever got me to like the smell of garlic and sweat in a room that’s in a desperate need to open a window.
Yes, that means that things that smells bad reminds me of Agnes, which is good, because then I remember something that makes me happy, every time I go to the loo when someone before me was doing a number two.
Don't blame me, blame the garlic!!

Over the years we have come up with a lot of jokes only she and I would understand. Like "oskatte kiii".
I love you Agnes. My life had DEFINITELY looked a lot different without you.

This I like!

Still Valentines Day.
This year I was home alone. Me like.
As I suspected, I got some text messages that said "happy Valentines Day" or something a lot like that.
But one of the text messages was different than the rest.

Valentines Day last year, one of my friends, Agnes, and I sat and ate pizza in a restaurant. We talked about everything between earth and the sun. Somehow we started to talk about one of my friends, named Jacob. I had told her that he was a friend I met through badminton, and she wanted to know what he looked like, and what type of clothes he was wearing.

Of course I had a hard time describing that, because I only saw him one hour every Friday, sweaty and with cloths you run in.
About 15 minutes after we talked about that, a boy walks to the door, which was next to where we sat. He looked at me with this "I-recognize-you-look". I could swear that I knew who he was, but I couldn't give that face a name.
After a couple of seconds he said hello.
I wanted to slap my face with my hand or something. Of course, that was Jacob!
It was weird to se him in jeans, a jacket and a cap, not sweaty and without a badminton racket in his hands.
I blame it on the cap that I couldn't remember exactly where I met him. I mean, the cap does hide a persons hair, the forehead and... um... I had never seen him in other places than in the badminton training before.

Now, one year later I got a text message from one of the best friends I have.
"Roooompaaah och kram på dig på alla hjärtans dag :D".
To translate that;
"Buuuuuuuuuth and hug to you on Valentines Day :D"
That put a big smile on my face, because that's typical him to say. He got that from a show on TV he, Agnes, Arvid and I saw one time. It was on every week, but that made me think of him every time someone sticks his or her bum out by bending over or something.
The name of my friend?
I am guessing you already know. His name is Jacob.

(photographer; Hannah.)

Thank you for being my friend. You're awesome!

Valentines Day

I go with the flow and blog about Valentines Day
Today. The day about love, happiness and broken hearts.

Valentines day is just a day when supermarkets and gift shops can sell more chocolate and... Pink stuff. Sure, I can admit I sound a bit grumpy, but I don't like when everyone gets brainwashed just because of the date of the day.
Now why am I like this?
When I was a small child, I too made small paper-hearts on Valentines Day to give to everyone around me in spite of the fact they didn't want my rubbish. I too was like many of my friends, who wanted to hear from someone they where in loved with, that he or she liked them back. Of course, on Valentines Day.
Now I am the one who don't want that rubbish. I mean, where shall I put it?
Sure, it's one thing if it's something personal. That I like. But the mass-produced rubbish, I don't like.
And that "in-love" part, nowadays Valentines day is the only day I really NOT want to hear that on. I mean, why on February 14? There are 365 or 366 days per year, why can't any other day do?
There are so many special days to celebrate, and every now and then there come even more days. What's next? International pet-day?
The only thing I like on Valentines day is the chocolate I get from my mom. I can't help I love chokolate. And I love my mom too, which is old news.

I'm heading for the supermarket with one of my friends in a couple of minutes, I better go for a shower before I forget it's sunday.


When I first sat down on my chair, which was just a couple of minutes ago, I thought that it was nice to hear the silence.
But then I realized, I don't hear the silence. I can hear the breeze in the bathroom, I can hear my computer thinking, I can hear the noise of the keyboard when I'm typing, I can hear the sound of me breathing, and I can even hear the clock ticking next to me.
Outside a car drives by. I don't see it, I just hear it. One floor up someone is walking. I can't see that either, but I sure can hear it.
The noise of a crack is behind me.
Is there anyone there?
I suddanly turn around to see what's behind me.
There is nothing there.
It was probably just my chair when I moved a little.
The sound of the wind when I turned around, and the sound of the scratch when I pull my hair into a ponytail makes me understand.
There isn't such a thing as silence. Slience dosn't exist.
There is allways some small sound somewhere.
You just have to listen to hear it.

In spite of the fact I often get annoyed of the sound the bus makes when it opens the door, or the noise when someone wakes you up in the middle of the night by snoring next to you, I'm thankful I can hear this.
I couldn't live without music, and music couldn't live without noise.

Från svenska...

Till Engelska. Jag ska från och med nästa radbyte börja blogga på Engelska istället, eftersom att jag vill träna upp min engelska lite.

Hope you still like my blog. If you don't, well, too bad for you.

Just because I just ate lunch, and it actually was REALLY really good for once, I'm going to post a "happy-picture". I took it from my friend's blog.

Just nu

Just nu så sitter jag och vräker i mig en massa godis. Har gjort det konstant i en halvtimme nu, det är inte ens gott längre, men det GÅR INTE att sluta o.0
Godiset har jag kvar sen i lördags, då jag och min underbara vän Hannah var och såg Avatar på bio, i 3D.
Jag, som inte är särskillt allmänbildad, viste inte vad det var för genre, vad den handlade om eller nåt innan jag såg den. Det enda jag visste var att den är populär och många tycker den är bra.
Själv tycker jag att (och mörda mig inte nu!!) den var ganska förutsägbar, väldigt överskattad och hade ett riktigt lame slut.
Nu tänker jag inte spoila slutet, så jag stannar vid att det var lame.
Dock var filmen väldigt fin, och jag gillade den. Överskattad, men fortfarande bra.

Vi tänkte att "filmen är nästan 3 timmar lång, OCH vi kommer sitta där under reklamen också... Bäst att ladda upp ordäntligt med godis!!"
Så vi går och köper godis för ca 50 spänn var, och äter... fyra godisbitar. FYRA!
Förutom det så tänkte vi ladda upp med läsk så det räckte. Vi köper två stycken 1,5-liters-läskflaskor med två olika smaker.
Kanske en femtedel av en flaska.
För att nu dela upp läsken, så de skulle bli så rättvist som möjligt tänkte vi då hälla upp i muggar. Men vi hade inga muggar, så vi kom på den smara idén att gå in till SUBWAY och köpa fyra stora muggar där.
Hon som sålde de till oss vart ganska fundersam, men vi fick köpa fyra muggar. Kostnad; 8 kr.(som om vi hade köpt vatten i fyra muggar)

Före filmen=
Koka pasta, med en MASSA olika kryddor i vattnet medan vattnet kokar upp. (örtsalt, grillkryda, oregano, pommesfritskrydda osv) Vi åt MYCKET och länge, och sen tyckte vi att det vart brottom till bion, så vi tog bussen som gick en timme FÖRE den som vi hade planerat att ta.
Good, en och en halv timme på stan att  välja godis på. No panic! ^^
Efter filmen=
Mysig prommenad från stan och hem klockan tolv, Hannah sov hos mig och en massa babbel/tråd. (framförallt en massa tråd!!!)

Men men, tillbaka till saken.
Just nu sitter jag och proppar i mig en massa godis, trots att det inte ens är gött längre. Känns ju som om jag borde spara det tills jag är lite mer godissugen, men jag har inte tänkt så långt än, säger vi som.
Jag satte mig vid datorn för att lyssna igenom spel-listan igen, innan jag skulle börja med att ta ut lyrics och acord, å nu är jag på näst sista låten.

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