Yesterday was awesome!
It was a night when me and six friends was going out to eat pizza, watching a film, playing dancing stage fusion and of course, had a lot of fun.
This time we decided that it would be a good idea to dress up as something, like you do on Halloween, without this trick or treat thing.
So we did, then we went out.
This is me. Can you guess what I was? (Answer under the picture)

I was a tree that got hit by a lightning. I didn’t look like a tree, I know, but I didn’t look like I normally do either.  

This is a group photo (well DUH!!) From the left; Oliver, who had a mask. He was a freaky old happy dude,  me, as the dead tree, Gustav as a pirate, Arvid, as a paedophile, Mimmi, as herself, and Liselott in front, as a bunny. André (who we don’t really know what he was) took the picture. This was on the way to the pizza-place.

Pictures from the resturant;

when we got home, the bunny needed to pee, and she tried to convince us that bunnies do as dogs do, and I was the only tree around, so…

The first one to leave was Oliver. Then the pirate realized he didn’t have a parrot, so the bunny got up too his shoulders instead. But after a while, the bunny thought that the pirate was scary, so she “hide” behind the tree.
Gustav found her.

...some random pictures...   

at the end we where only four of us left… The costumes was kind of gone, especially my hair… (I think hairspray would have been a good idea... Oh well)

André decided to go home, time was half past 2 in morning and Liselott, Gustav and I fell asleep in front of a film.
This was AWESOME! ^^

ah, pillow!

This morning I woke up without a pain in my arm, because of the sleeping-bag, without freezing, because of the window, and without a headache, because of the fact I was dumb enough to not bring a pillow. I woke up, after my 12 hour sleep, and went to the kitchen to make some brekfast. While I was up there, I realized how nice it was for me to wake up in the middle of the night felling "DAMN, I NEED TO PEE!!!!" and be able to run to the toilet without being careful where you step or how much noise you make. I ate my brekfast and then whent down to take a shower. The water was warm, and I didn't need to hurry up, at all.

This week, I've been away on a camp with UNF. We where about 40 people there, and we all shared room and there where 4 showers. Because we where this many, you needed to be QUIET at night, and shower quick so everyone had warm water. It failed, the water was quite cold.

Inspite of the pillow-free-nights, the pain in my knees and the cold water, I want to get back there! I miss all the people... I miss the "emo-corner" and to be skiing.

I could describe this week in details, but that would take like for ever. I describe it with one sentance instead;
"I didn't poop the whole week, because that took to much time from the fun".
I think that says a lot. (and yes, I had quite a bad case of pain in my stomach when I got home)

Here we go with some pictures.

Now, to a un useful list; which "tumbles of slalom" I made;
  • one crash with someone else
  • two crash in a tree
  • one tumble when I was about to get on the lift
  • one tumble when I just got of the lift
  • three innocent tumbles on the hill
  • two tumbles when I had a go with ski-poles
  • one tumble when one of the skiis detached
  • one when I was walking from my skiis to the door
  • one on the hill when I was thinking about something else and suddanly was in the air... and crashed on the ground with a surpriced face. (I accidently went on a jump)
But I did NOT tumble in the lift! (Gustav made that, so I didn't need to. He felled in four out of five posible lifts)
We blame those tumbles on the big, huge, gigantic, epic yellow, naked, hedgehog, who stared at us with it's evil eyes.... *press the dramabutton*

I miss Teodor, who lives out in the forest far away, Gustav, who is in Stockholm right now and of course, the Lunitic Samuel and the rest of the people.

I'm going away! :D

YEEES, In a couple of minutes I'm going to the bus station! I'm going with some friends from UNF to a place where you can ski... SLALOM! :D
Not that I'm anny good at it. I mean, I DID meet one of my friends by crashing in to her a couple of years ago.... Skillz :P

I have packed everything, and I'm really exited!
For now, I', going to eat a pice of cake, left overs since yesterday, and then IN TO THA CAR TO GET DOWN TOWN! : )

I really have not much time, but for everyone who actually read this (like five persons ;P) I'll be back on Thursday (I don't think there will be internet over there, and if so, I don't think anyone have a computor)

But for now, I'M AWAY! :D

Happy happy HAPPY!! :D

Happy birthday!

Someone out there are having a birthday right now, so too you, who ever you might be, I say happy birthday.
Today, me and some friends went to the cinema and saw Alice in wonderland.
I liked the film, but I say sorry to all the people who sat next to me, because I suddanly rememberd something funny and randomly started to giggle... Which made Liselott laugh...
But annyhow.
I don't want to spoil the film for everyone who actually want to see it, but I can say I liked it a lot.

After the film, we found out that Gustav's hair was very... electrical... So we went to a café near the cinema, and sat there for a while.
For now I just got home, and I'm about to play some piano, I think...


Det här är min kompis Agnes. Hon har jag kännt sedan jag var nio och hon är en av mina absolut bästa vänner. Hon betyder mer för mig än jag kan beskriva i ord, och om jag skulle skriva ut allt jag har att säga om henne skulle det här blogginlägget bli flera hundratusen mil långt, så jag nöjer mig med att säga att hon är en underbar människa. För mina trogna läsares skull. *host*

"Gör rätt, annars får du sova i vitlöksdressingen!"

Love is in the air!

Since Friday, I was suspecting something. Something betwen my friend André, who I have known since I was five years old, and a girl named Julia, who I have known more than a year. They are both awesome people, and they almost never left each other all evening at Hannah's party.
I saw it.
They where in love both of them.
My suspections got confirmed this Monday, and since then I have walked around smiling every time I think about this weired thing called "love".
I met André yesterday. We both took a quick walk to the supermarket and back again, and I can swear, I have never ever seen him this happy!

The funny part about this, is that I got to know about this when I was sick. So, André said on msn, that he had asked Julia if she wanted to be his girlfriend, and that she had said yes. I sent him a "congratiolations", a smiley with a BIG smile and then I threw up. (I promise I didn't do that on purpose, and that wasn't the reason)

I think you two should take it as a sign.
I got to "taste the food I ate" twice, and you are two wonderful friends of mine. You should definitely be a couple!

Don't ask me

Cats can poop, and so can you
You are no gawd, you are a goose!

I randomly made that up, but now I realized it was no poem... It was... Something else, probably that cat who can poop, with an evil masterplan to take over the earth, somewhere FAR OUT in the distance.... *press the dramabutton*

(Arvids cat, as sneeky as a... cat.. I AM the one who took this photo... a half year ago or something ^^)

So now, I agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger and say "PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN, AND GET TO THA CHOPPA!!" because that's the ONLY thiing that could save us from... a cat...


"Grow up!"
The words came from a kid around 12 years old or so. He  was shorter than me, and he saw me and Joakim point at each other. He told me I was very immature, I act like a child but I'm 17 years old.
I told him to pull his trousers up, grow into them and then I left.
Why do the twelveyearsold have such a hurry to grow up?
When I was 12, I still played with lego, I still pretended I was godzilla who wanted to eat every innocent cow there was, and I still could have fun without thinking it was embarassing.
Ofcourse I too got these friends who wanted to grow up quickly. I didn't understand why. I mean, you are only a child one time, then you have the rest of your life to be a grown up.
I didn't se why it would be that awkward to stand next to me, if I was singing in the middle of nowhere, but apparantly that was something "you just don't do".
I couldn't care less.
If I wanted to do something, I practicly did. I had some friends who also could play with toys at age 12, but I was the last one of us who still could do that at age 14.
I still can.
Yes, I know I may be a bit childish, but that's the way I am.
If growing up means you stop having fun, then I'm NEVER going to grow up.

And something I never understood... How come you never are happy? First, you want to get older. But when you finaly have reach this age, you just want to get younger.

Typical Agnes

Agnes just locked herself out... Again.
Lucky for her, I'm still sick, so I'm at home today.

Oskatte kiii?? <3


Why did I think about a potato when I noticed it was a lot of snow outside?
Why did I think about the song "Obo'y" by Peps Person when I thougt of the potato?
Why did I write this down?

The world is full of questions, and we will never get the answers.
But there is ONE question I already know the answer to. A question that's no longer a question, it's something I suspect.
Something that isn't about me, not even a little bit, but still makes me about just as happy, as if it was.

I am aware of that I threw up in the sofa, wanted to faint and now I'm hungry again, (wow, talk about wasting food!) but that's NOT the reason, and not the point.
The point is, that I didn't have a point!!
I'm just so happy!   
The industrial-country-prolem of the day; I want to eat some ice cream, but we have no ice cream left...

Sick... :(

Today I'm at home from school. I'm sick.
That sucks.
I hope I'm not sick tomorrow. because.... It's no fun to be sick. I want to jump around like the hyperactive person I am. But if I do that now, I just get tired. Let's do things slow.

Not breakfast. Breakslow.
My plans for today... Finnish my breakslow, read the newspaper, take a powernap, do some homework, and then probably fall asleep in front of the TV or something.
But for now...
DATRA DAAAAH, TOOOOO THE WASHING MACHINE!!!    (that means I'm gonna take a shower OR go to use the flushing thing in the bathroom called "toilet". I haven't decided yet.)
But for now, I think it is a glass of milk, I'm thirsty.

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